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The fate of peace: President Obama in Northern Ireland

My marriage is a transatlantic union between a Midwesterner and a Belfast-born Northern Irishwoman. Fittingly, my wife and I were delighted to receive tickets to hear another Midwesterner, President Barack Obama, at Belfast's Waterfront Hall. With DJ Pete Snodden playing... Continue Reading →

Nobel Peace Prize “a call to action”: Obama

As I expected, President Obama has accepted the Nobel Peace Prize announcement with humility and as a call to action "for all nations and all peoples to confront the common challenges of the 21st century". Allan --This morning, Michelle and... Continue Reading →

Why Obama deserves Nobel Peace Prize BBC Radio Ulster rang me this morning to tell me the breaking news that the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize had just been awarded to US President Barack Obama, I said I was surprised but pleased.The BBC staffer invited me... Continue Reading →

Talk Back 20091009 Barack Obama awarded Nobel Peace Price Wendy Austin presents topic on Barack Obama being awarded Nobel Peace Prize. Panellists: Mairead Corrigan, Allan Leonard, and Charlie Wolf.

The Stenner

Okay, for a bit of Friday levity, I discovered in today's Irish Times of an anonymous artist, The Stenner, who has subverted the iconic Obama "Hope" image, as originally crafted by Californian artists, Shepard Fairey.The Stenner appears to be new... Continue Reading →

Obama inauguration at QUB

Queen's University Belfast and the Queen's Students' Union hosted a ceremony to mark the inauguration of Barack Obama as 44th President of the USA. I was even snagged by BBC NI for some quick thoughts on President Obama's speech.

GMU 20090121 McDevitt-Peel

My friend Conall McDevitt, as well as Quintin Peel, gave their thoughts on the significance of President Obama's inaugural address, during an interview for Good Morning Ulster (BBC Radio Ulster):

Obama Presidential Inaugural Committee

In a bid to secure a place at the inauguration ceremony for President-elect Barack Obama, I submitted the following quip about what the inauguration means for me:Living in Northern Ireland since its 1994 ceasefires, I have witnessed firsthand how dialogue... Continue Reading →

Barack, Belfast, and “torn down” walls (CBS News)

Peter Bluff, producer at CBS News (London) since 1982, writes on his blog about the entrenchment of "peace walls" in Northern Ireland, in the context of Barack Obama's speech last July in Berlin, when the then candidate described how walls... Continue Reading →

What Obama’s victory can teach us in Northern Ireland

It has been a long night and a long, two-year campaign for Barack Obama to get elected as the 44th President of the United States of America.After an all-night session with multiple tv channels and frantic tab-clicking a battery of... Continue Reading →

Obama for Obama

Enjoyed a lighter article of the Obama victory, where Japan's Obama town celebrated namesake's victory.I didn't realise there was a town named Obama in Japan, else maybe we would have tried to pay it a visit during our recent trip!

Good Morning Ulster 20081105

I pontificate on the fresh results of the USA Presidential election 2008, interviewed by Wendy Austin on Good Morning Ulster (BBC Radio Ulster):

Sen. Mitchell endorses Obama

Senator George Mitchell, who helped broker negotiations that led to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, formally endorsed Senator Barack Obama for US President. This was reported in Sen. Mitchell's local newspaper and AFP.No surprise in one Democrat senator endorsing another.... Continue Reading →

Yank in Ulster reacts to Sarah Palin

A friend made a posting on his blog about the selection by John McCain of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate ("American reacts to (Irish) Sarah Palin"). I made the following reply:I do not agree with Jack Cafferty's... Continue Reading →

Obama to review NI envoy practice

The Irish Timespublished a statement on Barack Obama's pledged review of the practiceof sending a special US envoy to Northern Ireland, on the grounds thatthe immediate crisis is over.I would be disappointed if an elected President Obama halted the practice.One... Continue Reading →

Obama’s optimstic view of Northern Ireland

I am a big Obama fan, but as Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty International observes, Obama's speech in Berlin (see video above) was not much more than a presidential campaign stump speech designed more for a domestic American audience than reflecting... Continue Reading →

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