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Review: The Third Party (Glenn Patterson)

As I was going to be travelling through the same country -- nay, exact city of Hiroshima -- as author Glenn Patterson, I thought I'd read The Third Party (978-0856408090) during my actual journey. That was rewarding: Patterson's script and... Continue Reading →

Review: Must-See in Kyoto (Japan Travel Bureau)

I discovered this Japan Travel Bureau pocket book series at a gift shop at Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavillon). There are 17 in the series, at about A5 and 1 cm in size. What I particularly admire about these books are... Continue Reading →

In Japan, don’t mention the war

A high ranking Japanese military officer was dismissed for publishing an essay that argued Japan bombed Pearl Harbor because they fell for a trap set by President Roosevelt, and that the Japanese weren't aggressors in Korea, but snared in "domestic... Continue Reading →

Inside Japan Tours feedback

Having returned from our Japan holiday, organised by Inside Japan Tours, they emailed me a link to an online survey, requesting feedback on their services. As a matter of record, the text follows.Package name: Onsen Japan1. How do you rate... Continue Reading →

Journal 20081015 Japan

We were down for breakfast right for the opening time of 7am. We were thankful for fried eggs and toast, instead of the Japanese option. I noticed a free internet access point in the hotel lobby, and confirmed that our... Continue Reading →

Journal 20081014 Japan

We took advantage of not needing to rush to get to our next destination in Tokyo, by having another relative lie in. We had one last dip in our en suite hot tub, packed our cases, and went for breakfast... Continue Reading →

Journal 20081013 Japan

We both slept in, as desired, and had a relatively late breakfast at about 9.15am. Beforehand, I had a dip in our en suite hot tub, which I did enjoy. Madame Oui took a while to get herself ready, and... Continue Reading →

Journal 20081012 Japan

I woke up early to take a shower and pre-pack for a long day's journey. Our breakfast was large, as we have now come to expect. We enjoyed our omelette and cooked salmon. We presented our hostess with a postcard... Continue Reading →

Journal 20081011 Japan

We went for the later breakfast time of 8.00am, but it was still an early rise at 7.30am, when they cleared our beds in preparation. I was still groggy while consuming my raw fish. The breakfast was huge and filling,... Continue Reading →

Journal 20081010 Japan

We were sad to leave Kyoto Sunroute hotel, as we were getting accustomed to the kind hospitality and professional service. We wrote out, in likely poor Japanese, a postcard for Yomada, and included a fridge magnet in the form of... Continue Reading →

Journal 20081009 Japan

Madame Oui was good to get up early for our planned day trip to Hiroshima. We had a quick breakfast and took a local bus to Kyoto station for our Shinkasen train. We arrived in about 2 hours, and it... Continue Reading →

Journal 20081008 Japan

After our welcomed Western breakfast, we went to the front desk where a very helpful concierge, Yamada, spent several minutes locating a suitable tempura restaurant, and even made a reservation for us. He also helped us with local bus maps.... Continue Reading →

Journal 20081007 Japan

Japanese breakfast was not in our room but in a communal area, where we were joined by a Japanese family. When they left, there was a whisper among them, then the father approached us and said, in a heavy Japanese... Continue Reading →

Journal 20081006 Japan

It rained hard, from last evening all through the night. We slept well enough, but both of us were aware of the heavy downpours. It was an early start, and I went down to the onsen for my morning bath.... Continue Reading →

Journal 20081005 Japan

The Japanese breakfast was as impressive as last night's dinner, with an assortment of many small dishes of raw and cooked meat served with rice.After breakfast, we successfully made a Skype video call to Cress and Nikki. I was surprised... Continue Reading →

Journal 20081004 Japan

Having to check out and make our journey to Kusatsu meant an early start today. We opted for the Western breakfast, straightforward scrambled eggs and toast, and more apple tea. Packing our cases was a pain, and something both of... Continue Reading →

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