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Dinner with Barack

Instead of the usual $1,000 a plate fundraising dinner, Barack Obama is offering an intimate dinner for 6, where the guests are drawn from those small-time donors (like me!) who contribute to his campaign. He explains in a video: Knowing... Continue Reading →

Hillary’s ‘3am ad’ girl doesn’t approve

Remember the recent advert from the Hillary Clinton campaign, which featured a girl sleeping bed and the phone in the Oval Office rings at 3am (implying one would trust President Clinton over President Obama)? Well, guess what, the girl modelled... Continue Reading →

The Machinery of Hope (Rolling Stones)

Just before boarding my flight back from Newark to Belfast, I foundthe edition of Rolling Stone that featured Barack Obama on the cover.There were a few opined short pieces, but what I found much moreinteresting was the exclusive, insider's look... Continue Reading →

Casted my Ohio absentee ballot

Thankfully the Fulton County Board of Electors efficiently processed myvery recent request for an absentee ballot, which I have just castedand posted back. This was the first primary election I have everparticipated in, which reflects my hitherto

BBC Seven Days 20080210 I was part of a panel on the weekly BBC Radio Ulster programme, Seven Days. Host was Wendy Austin, and panelists were Baronness May Blood, Sara McCaffrey (Deputy President, Queen's University Students' Union), Alex Kane and myself. Above podcast... Continue Reading →

Seven Days 20080210 USA Presidential campaign I was part of a panel on the weekly BBC Radio Ulster programme, Seven Days. Host was Wendy Austin, and panelists were Baronness May Blood, Sara McCaffrey (Deputy President, Queen's University Students' Union), Alex Kane and myself. This ia... Continue Reading →

And onto Ohio

Now the US Presidential race really gets interesting. Yes, Obama wonmore states and Hillary won more delegates, but I am disappointed thatObama didn't win a big-ticket state such as New Jersey. The campaignnow moves onto Texas, and Ohio my homestate.... Continue Reading →

Hillary get shredded!

In an apparent response to the amazing Yes We Can promotional video for Barack Obama, the clever kids for Hillary Clinton came up with the following piece of wonder. Just like her entire campaign, it feels a little to contrived,... Continue Reading →

Yes We Can song

Every now and then you witness an event, a movement, a force that makes you feel privileged to be alive for. This video is such a moment.

My first political donation

I've always been reluctant to make any financial contribution to anAmerican election campaign, mainly because the result always appearedto be pre-determined, usually with major donations. The current USPresidential campaign, as we head into 'Super-Dooper Tuesday' on 5February, will see many... Continue Reading →

Promoting Obama on BBC GMU

BBC radio programme Good Morning Ulster had me on this morning(17/1/2008, c. 80 min. into programme), for a brief and friendlyinterview on my support for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Isaid that I believed it would go to the wire, that... Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton needs better advice than Blumenthal

I watched an interesting and insightful episode of RTE: Prime Timetonight. On show were Sidney Blumenthal, strategist for HillaryClinton, and Frank Luntz, communications specialist, both discussingthe candidates' prospects tonight and beyond.Blumenthal all but conceded NH to Obama (be mindful I'm... Continue Reading →

My man Obama wins Iowa

I am very pleased that Obama has won the Democrat primary in Iowa,by a convincing margin (Obama 37.5%, Edward 29.8%, Clinton 29.5%) and amuch higher turnout (232,000 2008 vs 125,000 2004).Of course, it's not in the bag yet. I'm aware... Continue Reading →

Leonard says Alliance is the future as vote increases

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate in Fermanagh & South Tyrone, has stated that the massive vote increase for Alliance shows that it is the party of the future and the Ulster Unionists and SDLP are in serious decline. Alliance increased... Continue Reading →

A long successful result

How tired am I? With about 10 hours sleep over two days, I'm planningon spending most of the weekend lying low. It was a long and successfulresult for the Alliance Party. I may have only got 521 votes (1.1%) inFermanagh... Continue Reading →

Portuguese target letter

Today I posted a target letter, written in Portuguese,to those Portuguese households in Fermanagh & South Tyrone that Icould identify on the electoral register. Many thanks to mysister-in-law for the translation. You never know what effect such aneffort has, but... Continue Reading →

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