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Sinn Fein Ard Fheis 2011 Belfast / Beal Feirste

As I was still enjoying holiday leave, I wasn't going to spend the two full days at the 2011 Sinn Féin Ard Fheis being held at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast. But I was interested the set of motions on the... Continue Reading →

European Election 2009

I got my vote in this morning. No prizes for guessing who this former Alliance Party candidate gave his first preference to. But I made a conscious decision to give further preferences in order of support for the European Union... Continue Reading →

Iraqi elections: Time for a different sort of support (PCP)

My friend Iain King works for an independent organisation called Post Conflict People, which is "commited to reviving societies suffering from recent or on-going conflicts". In their latest newsletter, Iain writes about the relevance of outsiders in the Iraqi election... Continue Reading →

God takes a back seat (Economist)

The Economist reported on the 31 January elections for provincial government in Iraq. It finds encouragement in the initial outcome in favour of secularism, in that the Dawa Party (a Shia religious movement) benefited from joining forces with other to... Continue Reading →

Iraq elections: appealing across sectarian lines

There is no denying that the security situation has improved in Iraq, as for the first time candidates in the forthcoming elections will have their name printed on the ballot, and their face on election posters (if they choose).I realistically... Continue Reading →

GMU 20090121 McDevitt-Peel

My friend Conall McDevitt, as well as Quintin Peel, gave their thoughts on the significance of President Obama's inaugural address, during an interview for Good Morning Ulster (BBC Radio Ulster):

2008 US Election number crunching

I've crunched some state-level voting figures, making some comparisons with 2004. What surprises me most is that for all the discussion on new voter registrations, the overall number of votes cast in the 2008 US Presidential election is about 5,000,000... Continue Reading →

What Obama’s victory can teach us in Northern Ireland

It has been a long night and a long, two-year campaign for Barack Obama to get elected as the 44th President of the United States of America.After an all-night session with multiple tv channels and frantic tab-clicking a battery of... Continue Reading →

Obama for Obama

Enjoyed a lighter article of the Obama victory, where Japan's Obama town celebrated namesake's victory.I didn't realise there was a town named Obama in Japan, else maybe we would have tried to pay it a visit during our recent trip!

Good Morning Ulster 20081105

I pontificate on the fresh results of the USA Presidential election 2008, interviewed by Wendy Austin on Good Morning Ulster (BBC Radio Ulster):

2008 USA voter registration stats

More illustrative than scientific, I have combined data of state voter registration figures for the 2008 USA General Election, with actual voter turnout figures for 2004. I am impressed by the degree of increased voter registration in particular states (e.g.... Continue Reading →

McCain in Ohio

The International Herald Tribune today runs an article on US Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, returning to campaign in Ohio ("McCain, in Ohio, tries to get back in race").McCain is wise to make the effort, but alas I think it's... Continue Reading →

Sen. Mitchell endorses Obama

Senator George Mitchell, who helped broker negotiations that led to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, formally endorsed Senator Barack Obama for US President. This was reported in Sen. Mitchell's local newspaper and AFP.No surprise in one Democrat senator endorsing another.... Continue Reading →

Yank in Ulster reacts to Sarah Palin

A friend made a posting on his blog about the selection by John McCain of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate ("American reacts to (Irish) Sarah Palin"). I made the following reply:I do not agree with Jack Cafferty's... Continue Reading →

Obama on Good Friday Agreement

Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, issued a statement on the 10th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. Nothing objectionable about it, but not as committed as Hillary Clinton's, who's pledged to appoint a US special envoyif elected. (As an aside, disappointed... Continue Reading →

Obama’s young backers twist parents’ arms (New York Times)

Great article in today's New York Times: "Obama's young backers twist parents' arms".I'm still working on my mom, who was offended by Barack's comparison ofhis wife with Jacqueline Kennedy. Both mom and dad (and everyone else Italk to) agree Hillary... Continue Reading →

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