Radar presents Silhouette

20120531 QUBSU Radar

Silhouette has particularly shot up to fame since the Northern Ireland Tourist Board selected Can’t Keep Up as the soundtrack for one of the NI2012: Our Time, Our Place video advertisements.

Immediately after that video was aired, in early March, I set out to discover where the band, led by vocalist Shauna Tohill, was playing next. I got excited to learn that they were performing as part of the Nashville Songwriters Festival and duly purchased my ticket. But I shouldn’t have been that surprised to learn that they cancelled that for an opportunity tour as supporting act for Snow Patrol.

Silhouette returned to Belfast as part of Tennent’s Radar programme of performances at Queen’s Students Union. The band used this as a launch event of their new single, Running Against The Wall.

Warm up acts were Allie Bradley and City of Stars.

20120531 Allie Bradley Set List

Allie Bradley can be described as catchy folk-pop. Not my flavour but I enjoyed the six-track set all the same. I particularly liked their last song, a cover of Nina Simone’s Be My Husband, which I only video captured the second half of. I think it works better here with the gospel-inspired hand clapping:

Next up were City of Stars, which reminded me of La Rouche. I enjoyed their sound; my favourites were Electricity and You’re The One (sic?). Yet at times it appeared to me that the lead singer got off key, and if you’re going to reach the next level, you can’t be doing that.

The interlude was reasonable (always hate it when main act keeps you waiting too long), and the Silhouette band members came on stage to a welcoming crowd.

20120531 Silhouette IMG_3234
George Muldrew on electric guitar
20120531 Silhouette IMG_3240
Zarah Fleming on cello
20120531 Silhouette IMG_3245
Silhouette band member checks in @QUBSU
20120531 Silhouette IMG_3241
Shauna Tohill on piano, bass, guitar and vocals

Silhouette played a 9-song set, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m no music critic, only know what I like when I hear it, and I feel that we’re currently privileged to hear Silhouette before they go massive. Indeed, they’ve already started that journey.

20120531 Silhouette Set List

The following hand recorded videos reveal what I mean. Enjoy and support Silhouette at their official site. They’re on MySpace too.

Silhouette was an awesome performance. One of my all time favourites.

20120531 Silhouette IMG_3259
Silhouette takes a bow

Silhouette videos:

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