Electric Six rock Belfast


Madame Oui and I played with the youngsters going to see Electric Six perform at Spring & Airbrake. At first we thought we were clever by arriving after the first warmup act, not realising there was a second, 45-minute act. At least we got a great vantage point. Easily several hundred filled the floor.


Everyone knows their top charting song “Gay Bar” from their album Fire. Lead singer, Dick Valentine, announced that he and his band have been busy since they were last in Belfast six years ago. Electric Six have produced six further full length albums since Fire, and Valentine was ready to share his richness with us.

Indeed, I actually saw the night’s song list before the first act, as we were sitting right behind the sound board. I enjoy grabbing these at the end of the show as a souvenir, and planned to ask the techs for it later. Alas when I did they said they gave it away as soon as they were done setting up — that’ll learn me.


It was a great, rocking show! As I failed to procure the song list, from memory they played French Bacon, Infected Girls (love that song), I Buy The Drugs, Clusterf**k!, and Dance Commander, among others.

What made the show a treat, though, was Valentine’s musings in between the songs. Bet you didn’t know that Vice President Joe Biden gave him money to go and learn flamenco? “We ate a lot of Rioja, we drank a lot tapas.” (Yes, word order correct.)

Or that the drummer is from Belfast, Northern Ireland? “My drummer is Jim Morrison, nephew of Van Morrison.” Whatever you say, Dick:

Electric Six ended the night with a special encore rendition of “Dance Commander”. Brilliant. Final words of wisdom from Valentine, “Everybody here is going to die someday. But with Electric Six you no longer have to feel it.”

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