Review: Philips notebook SoundBar


Self powered stereo sound excellently designed. This was an impulsive purchase during the weekly Tesco grocery shop — don’t really need it but promise of improved laptop audio experience compelled me to give it a try.

Not disappointed. A soft screw-clamp on the back of the unit easily fits any reasonable thickness of laptop screen. Genius is that they are powered by a neatly tucked USB cable — no batteries or power adapter required. The speaker unit can also be used self-standing, off the laptop.

Sound quality is fine for what this offers. I couldn’t find any specs, but it fills a room 2-metres square comfortably (i.e bedroom); probably pushing it for a 3-metre square room (i.e. living room). I’m guessing 2 X 5 watts.

My ability to distinguish fidelity is poor (one of my ears is near tone deaf at certain frequencies, thankfully not speech), but the speakers near cover the full tonal range. Unsurprisingly, bass gets distorted at high volumes. But considering there’s no subwoofer at all, this is not the device to blast hip-hop music for a dancefloor.

Instead, as you’ll be sitting less than two feet in front of this thing, it will be the richness you’ll enjoy while listening to your music or videos.


And the included carry case makes it very convenient for transporting. This will be coming with me in my journeys, helped by its self-powering feature.

Really not much more to think about — a relatively easy purchase decision at less than £30.

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