Madrid 2011

At last Madame Oui and I got our summer break, at the end of the season, with an extended weekend/abbreviated week in Madrid. Applying a trick I learned at work, we took a late bus down to Dublin Airport and stayed at the Travel Lodge (very basic accommodation indeed), for a following early morning direct flight to MAD. You feel the effort in the afternoon, but at least you’re in your hotel (ours is Room Mate Mario, my review later separately) to recover before setting out for the evening.

With all the free green apples you can eat.

And that’s exactly what we did. Thanks to AA Guide to Madrid, and best of all, a distant Madrileña cousin (bless her!), we had a good idea of what we wanted to do.

First port of call was the rooftop terrace bar at Room Mate Oscar. We managed to get ourselves organise in good time. The drinks aren’t cheap for this priviledge, so we pushed the boat and got servings of Licor 43 and Meloncoton — larger than we expected — and they were a delicious way to watch the sunset.

A gorgeous Madrid sunset.

A tip from my cousin was to try out the Lateral chain of tapas restaurants. We went for the nearby one at Santa Ana, and it did not disappoint. Very tasty raciones — we had sirloin with caramalised onion, salmon with brie cheese, and baked potato stuffed with ham, parmesan and quail egg. Washed down nicely with a Mahou Negra.


Afterwards we took a stroll through Sol and Gran Via. So many people out and about so late at night, near midnight, great! And thanks to information provided by official tourist website Es Madrid, I knew to look out for a heladeria. We found Palazzo at Sol, where I got a double scoop cone of leche merengada (egg whites, cinnamon and suger). ¡Muy delicioso!


Well satiated, we leisurely made out way back to our accommodation, grateful that it was located in a relatively quiet street amongst all the surrounding Saturday night festivities.


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