The Blog People

At tonight’s Blog Standard session, we set up an email discussion group via my favoured blogging platform, Posterous:

The idea is that we can share our perspectives and pose questions in between our fortnightly meetings.

This discussion forum is public, so go ahead and have a perusal.

As the username “blogstandard” was unavailable, we went for “theblogpeople”, a reference to Seamus Heaney. I’m still waiting for Malachi to explain that one to me.

We then spent some time inspecting other people’s websites and describing what we like about them. Some interesting examples, like who makes sure he makes a daily posting about his work and provocative humour.

Another disciplined blogger is Phil O’Kane at, who uploads a daily photo — and very good ones at that.

This made me think of John Baucher’s daily pics, which he shares on his Facebook profile but also on his Tumblr blog:


Malachi unveiled a new investigate journalism website, The Detail, which is funded by Atlantic Philanthropies and Northern Ireland Screen, to the tune of near £800,000 and a staff of seven professionals.

Their website explains its rationale as not challenging existing news outlets but supplementing them with stories that aren’t ordinarily followed up, to produce “high quality public interest journalism”.

But reviewing the site during our session, several of us are skeptical. That is, I have no doubt of the skill and talents of those working for The Detail, but I think there needs to be at least an equal effort in generating greater demand for such journalism. There is as much need to educate the wider public of the benefits of investigative journalism.

One site that is local community focused is Northern Visions, which provides media services and documents the activities and perspectives of local neighbourhoods. It website is dreadfully laid out. Instead, go straight to its video channel at Vimeo:

Our group member, Bronagh, demonstrated her application of the Ning platform in her Creative Change NI site:

I complimented her on her achievement of getting several hundred members to sign up and make contributions to the site — no mean feat and in such a relative short time of three months.

And Malachi signed up to her site on the spot. Well, that’s if Bronagh approves his application, which included a question on artistic interest, to which Malachi declared, “I’m an artist, not a groupie!”

So, whether you’re a blogger or a groupie who peruses blogs, you’re more than welcome to get involved with Blog Standard — see you at

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