10 things a negotiator needs (Monocle)

Enjoying some leisurely reading over the yearend break, and Monocle has an interesting report on negotiation.

10 things a negotiator needs:

01 Stamina: Negotiation is an endurance sport. The ability to stick at it through hours, weeks, months, sometimes decades of painstaking talks, is a must.

02 Humour: a gifted negotiator can crack a well-timed joke without offence.

03 Creativity: a skilled negotiator has fresh ideas — the ability to think around an impasse is critical.

04 Fox-like wiles: a good negotiator must have a plan — and an agile, strategical one at that.

05 Lion-like leadership: gravitas and stature inspire — without these a negotiator can find well argued points fall by the wayside. (Courage to make a concession without appearing weak is crucial to a resolution.)

06 Empathy: a first-class negotiator can see the other side’s interests while never losing sight of his own.

07 Unflappability: there will always be “wreckers”. A good negotiator can brush off the opposition’s histrionics and bullying bravado and focus on the process.

08 Eloquence: a top-rate negotiator must have an articulate argument (steeped in research) and a firm grasp of international etiquette — a bow in Japan or a bear hug in Russia can make or break a rapport.

09 Stubborn resolve: there’s a time and a place for the “broken record” approach. A good negotiator knows when bullish determination wins.

10 Vision: a truly skilled negotiator must have belief in a big-picture end-toal, no matter the odds.

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