Belfast launch of Sesame Tree second series


The morning after having the pleasure of attending a private reception at the US Consul-General’s residence to celebrate the launch of the second series of Sesame Tree, I was just as excited about the prospect of a live performance of characters Hilda, Potto, and new friend Archie.

Today’s event had a list of guest speakers, all involved in a vital way with the success of Sesame Tree, the Northern Ireland-localised version of Sesame Street.

Denis Rooney (Chairman, International Fund for Ireland) began his speech with reference to kisses he received from Hilda at last night’s event, declaring a lasting emotional effect!

Special guests were the First Minister and deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness.

Then everyone in the audience, children and adults alike, were introduced to Potto, Hilda and Archie, who themselves introduced the premiere screening of the new series.

While the premiere episode was showing, I noticed our First and deputy First Ministers paying full attention, learning how Potto, Hilda and Archie discover the value and benefits of making new friends. Ah, to have the Ministers in a captured audience more often!

Afterwards, the gang answered questions from the audience. One child asked a stumper, “How do you deal with friends?” Ultimately, the answer was to be friendly with them and to play.

I’m looking forward to viewing all 20 fourteen-minute episodes!

Full official press statement available at Northern Ireland Screen:…

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