Review: Obaku watch by Ingersoll

For my birthday, Madame Oui kindly gave me a brown leather strapped Obaku watch by Ingersoll (pictured). She asked me what I wanted, and I replied that I genuinely needed a new watch. We went to some local department stores, and I nearly settled for a John Rocha watch at Debenham’s, but none had a “wow” factor and she said she wanted to get me something that would last.

Filtered through thousands of watches available at, and narrowed it down to a short list of six, with surprisingly many from Timex.

But this Obaku watch by Ingersoll stood out from the crowd.

First, its appearance. It looks like a watch that costs hundreds of pounds, but was actually less than one hundred.

Pleasing aesthetics. Analogue day and date feature.

Note that the face is more cream colour than white in their promotional photos.

What really persuaded me was a feature it calls “Titan Glass”, which apparently is the toughest type of glass used in the watch industry. Even stronger than sapphire crystal, which is the type used on my Oris watch that I can attest has so far no scratches on it.

In contrast, all the other watches in this price range and that made my short list were all made of ordinary glass. No contest.

And a lifetime warranty on the Japanese built watch mechanism? With the others only offering a one-year warranty? Sold.

I’ve been wearing my new watch for a few weeks now, and I love it. Looks smart. Very comfortable, soft leather strap.

Here’s to many years of watch satisfaction!

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