Green Living Fair – Castle Espie

Madame Oui and I enjoyed another annual Green Living Fair at Castle Espie, Co. Down.


What’s changed since we last visited Castle Espie — and this shows how long since it’s been — is the new reception and visitor’s area. Very modern and spacious.

The weather was a right mixture of clouds, breaks of sunshine and showers, so we just dealt with it. We went beyond the immediate duck sanctuary to trails that cover the extensive acreage of the site. There was even a mobile wall climbing unit, which I didn’t take up but enjoyed watching someone else do.

Our favourite moment was walking through the swamp trail in the forest. Although only a few hundred yards from the hustle and bustle of the park’s entrance, you felt so far away.

Of course I took loads of duck photos, trying to vary the poses. My favourite was of one looking right up at me, wondering if I was a food source.

All in all a pleasant, relaxing day out.


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