Steve Martin – Cruel Shoes revisited


A work colleague’s Facebook posting about pining for trendy shoes brought back memories of comedian Steve Martin’s 1979 book, Cruel Shoes.

And for my colleague’s benefit, here is the eponymous track from the album:

Cruel Shoes by Steve Martin
Listen on Posterous

I actually purchased Cruel Shoes when it was published in 1979, from pocket money that my father gave me. My parents were divorced and my mom wasn’t pleased with my purchase choice! My first taste of free spending was thus bittersweet.

I was too young to appreciate all of Steve Martin’s skits, but old enough now to realise what a comic genius he was for the time — those crazy 1970s.

I don’t care for his more sappy films, like Father of the Bride and Cheaper by the Dozen. For me, The Jerk is his best! And his 1999 film with Eddie Murphy — Bowfinger — is a great reprise.


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