Mr Ulster switches to Posterous

I finally made the switch over for my blog from Blogger to Posterous. I stayed away for a while because of the inability to access and edit any uploaded multimedia items. That’s been resolved by a new website editor.

The switchover was easy. Logged into my Posterous account, I selected the import option and entered my Blogger address. After only an hour of Posterous processing, it was done. Changing my custom domain was also straightforward, and the new DNS settings kicked in just a couple of hours.

There are several blogging platforms that allow posting by email, but Posterous goes further by including photos, videos, and audio files. For example, if you’ve got an iPhone, you can use the “Share” feature, email the multimedia item to your Posterous blog, and it will be automatically embedded in your posting:

The PicPosterous app is also a brilliant way to not only autopost an initial photo, but further images you take of the same event on the day; it builds up a photo album on-the-go:

The result is that you concentrate on easily adding content, by posting emails to yourself, than ever having to logging into a website editor.

There aren’t so many themed templates to choose from at Posterous, but the situation is improving. I’ve made good use of the MyList theme, though it took me a while to tweak the footer, to include a tag list (which doesn’t appear by default). I’m very happy with the result: my blog site doesn’t look like an ordinary, scroll-down site:

Important to me is the ability to make private postings, which you can do by posting to The resulting URLs for private postings aren’t password-protected, but are safe so long as you trust those you ever give the URL to.

So, I look forward to using the iPhone’s Voice Memo feature to create a private audio diary. (Something audioBoo still doesn’t offer, though iPadio does.)

I also like the ability to manually add my own subscribers, like Mom, so she’ll get an email message whenever I update my blog.

Overall, Posterous is succeeding where the likes of Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress have missed the boat: blogging is now less about crafting thought-out essays (while that’s still worthwhile), and more about publishing your creativity — including photos, videos, and audio — and distributing it to all your social sites as easily and beautifully as possible.

I’m a Posterous convert.

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