Mr Ulster’s postal ballot paper

Received my postal ballot paper over the weekend. More paperwork and more signatures. No detail about when you are allowed to return it or when it needs to be received by, but I’m assuming (a) anytime after you receive it and (b) by close of election day. Still, you’d think the Electoral Office would make that clear (e.g. some postal ballots in USA can be received X days after the election and still be counted, if they’re postmarked by election day).

The ballot paper is a straightforward list of candidates in the Strangford constituency:

1. Mickey COOGAN (Sinn Fein)
2. Deborah GIRVAN (Alliance Party)
3. Barbara HAIG (Green Party)
4. Claire HANNA (SDLP)
5. Mike NESBITT (Ulster Conservatives and Unionists – New Force)

Next to the candidate’s names is the party logo, except in the case of Mr Nesbitt, where there is none! Looks like someone forgot to get around to submitting an UCUNF logo to the Electoral Office in time (does one exist?). You see the “Vote for Change” icon on the UCUNF candidate posters, but that’s not the same as an official logo. This former party General Secretary thinks someone should have thought that through more!


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