Photo Wallet: iPhone app review


An app to view just your own photos already uploaded to your Flickr account. Unlike most other Flickr apps, here the unique feature is to manually sync with your account (WiFi best), in order to store good resolution (500×500 pixels) images on your iPhone/iPod Touch itself, for instant viewing later. This is especially appealing for those times when you want to quickly show someone particular photos; the pause in waiting for an over-the-air download can kill the moment.

Photo Wallet presents 3 main options: Stream of your recent uploads; Sets (either alphabetical list of all your Albums, or tree layout of Sets then Albums); and an alphabetised list of your Tags.

For viewing your own Flickr photos, this is the best app I have found.

Would like to see some option to enter/amend tags and descriptions of your own photos (updating your originals at Flickr via a sync). Some may wish to view your Flickr Contacts’ photos, but that would require a live connection, and this app isn’t structured that way. Thus, using Photo Wallet alongside an OTA app like Flickr’s own iPhone app is a reasonable workaround: each complements each other.

2 thoughts on “Photo Wallet: iPhone app review

  1. There are many iPhone App of this categorywhat is the difference between this and those iPhone Apps.and what is it’s prize…..

  2. What sets Photo Wallet apart is that you can access your photos NOT connected to your mobile network or Wi-Fi. After you sync your Flickr photos to your iPhone, you can carry them with you, everywhere. This is useful while travelling, preventing extortionate data roaming charges.

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