iTalk Recorder: iPhone app review


iTalk Recorder is one of those apps that transforms the way one makes audio recordings. If only this and the iPhone had been around years ago, instead of dealing with audio cassette and MiniDisc recordings. The younger generation should be grateful for this new technology. Conveniently, the dominant image upon opening the app is a gigantic red button, “Press to record”. When the lecture has already started, you can get recording straight away, and deal with naming it afterwards. You can pause and resume your recording anytime. There are three recording quality levels — Good, Better, Best — with relative file sizes. Slightly annoying is that the file format is AIFF (which creates large files) and that transfers can only be done wirelessly (the fault of Apple protocols, not Griffin). But the companion desktop application, iTalk Sync, handles well getting your recordings off your iPhone and into iTunes, where it remains an AIFF file but can simply be exported to MP3 or M4A. If you have need to record audio, this is the app for it.

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