Review: Coco Restaurant


Another Belfast Telegraph £6.95 main course limited offer. Coco isn’t about typical Ulster big feed portions. Instead, the focus is on taste. For example, her Uncle Noel sausages were served with pearl onions and my Baby Hake Fillet with capers.

For her, washed down with a glass of Pinot Grigio rose (never heard of that before) — hint of fruit, refreshing, and little aftertaste. I enjoyed a 500ml bottle of Belfast Ale (Whitewater).

We went for desserts, which were made fresh. Hers was an apple crumble served with mulled wine ice cream. The crumble was delicious, lots of apple and other bits of fruit. But I couldn’t discern any flavour in the ice cream. My sticky toffee pudding was just that.

I loved the great modern pop art paintings on the wall. Tempted by the “Politicians kill” print going for £500. I’d love to see that in some politician’s office (one with a good sense of humour).

We’ll gladly return to Coco, but heed the fact that the ordinary prices for their meals are a bit higher. It’s great quality in Belfast city centre, and I’m glad to see it.

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One thought on “Review: Coco Restaurant

  1. Visited Coco on Wednesday for the same deal and I too has the hake. Unfortunately ‘her’s’ pork belly was nicer and I was jealous. Ah well.

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