Review: Ivory Restaurant & Bar


We took advantage of a Belfast Telegraph £6.95 main course promotion. She had pork on mustard mash, and I had salmon on green pea purée. We couldn’t fault the food: very competent chefs.

The level of service, however, was a bit to be desired. When seated and asked for drinks, I requested a wine menu, but instead was told our special menu included a glass of house wine. We knew this already, but our hostess didn’t get the hint that we were ready to order a separate bottle. Also, no water was ever suggested.

Our ordered onion rings failed to arrive with the meal. By the time they did, we had finished our main course. They were gracious and didn’t charge us for this. The onion rings themselves were delicious.

For dessert, she had Panna Cotta and I had chocolate tort. She was happy with hers, but I wasn’t with mine: the chocolate had little flavour and the crust had a consistency of cardboard. Also, they were overpriced (£5.95) for what was produced.

Finally, with our table cleared we had to ask twice for our bill, taking 15 minutes. The first bill erroneously charged us for a bottle of desert wine, when I had only consumed a glass. With the corrected bill in hand, we promptly paid and left.

The chefs keep this from a 2-star review.

So, good food and a great view of the waterfront. But Ivory Restaurant better get their service act together if they expect return patrons.

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