Apple’s Magic Mouse ain’t it, not yet


I dropped into the local Apple store and tried out the new Magic Mouse, connected to one of the new iMacs (27″).

Positively, the finger gesturing works well. Finger down to scroll; left-right to move within a window (web browser, Word document).

But I (mistakenly) thought I could move around the screen via finger gestures. (Perhaps you can; I couldn’t figure out how.) I ended up using the mouse to move around the screen, and to move windows within the screen.

For example, using two fingers (or other combination) to move current window left/right/up/down; using pinching motion to enlarge/reduce current window?

In this sense, Magic Mouse is no game changer. Having to shift the mouse around with my whole hand isn’t saving me any time. I might as well save $50 and stick with my Logitech cross-platform USB wireless with familiar left/right click button and scroll wheel.

We’re almost there, and Apple will probably get there first. But the Magic Mouse ain’t it, not yet.

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