How to import TypePad blog into Blogger


Thanks to Posterous and its provision of automatic inline embedding of audio, photo and video files (particularly audio), one of my major reasons for selecting a paid service such as TypePad has been removed. TypePad’s new interface isn’t enough to keep me on board, and its new micro-blogging service is too complicated to implement. Posterous wins!

I’ve transferred my TypePad blog to Blogger, where it will likely stay, until/unless Posterous goes down this route.

It was technically tricky to make this import-export transfer, as you cannot directly do this from TypePad to Blogger. And there was no way I was going to manually repost over 400 postings and lose all my tags and comments.

I did figure out an automated method, by myself (WordPress is a useful intermediary!). I found much anguish online by those attempting the same task, so I’ve provided the following step-by-step method, for everyone’s benefit:

Blogger import from TypePad:

1. Logged into your TypePad account, go to Settings (top tab) > Import/Export (left tab) > Export button. This creates a .txt file.

2. Logged into your WordPress account, go to My Dashboard (top tab) > Tools (left tab) > Import link > Movable Type and TypePad link. Browse to your TypePad .txt file and select “Upload file and import”. Takes a few moments to initiate. You’ll see only a few posts imported; refresh your browser and you’ll notice the count increasing; allow sufficient time for full update.

3. Logged into your WordPress account, go to My Dashboard (top tab) > Tools (left tab) > Export link > Download Export File. This creates a .xml file. (NB: this .xml file cannot be directly imported into Blogger; further step required:)

4. Go to and follow screen instructions (browse to your WordPress .xml file and select Convert button). This creates a blogger-export.xml file. (NB: although site says there is a 1MB file limit, I was successful converting a near 2MB file.)

5. Logged into your Blogger account, go to Settings > Basic > Blog Tools > Import blog link. Browse to your blogger-export.xml file (and tick on “Automatically publish all imported posts” as desired) and click on Import Blog button. You should notice individual blogs being imported in a subsequent status bar. You will be returned to your Blogger blog Posting page (lists of posts) when complete.

NB: Included in this process are all blog posting text, tags/labels, and comments. Draft postings are included and their draft status is retained. Excluded is all embed (html) code in your original TypePad postings. I suspect this is due to TypePad’s export script. None of my embedded audio, photo, or video files survived the transfer. Finally, Blogger (AFAIK) does not provide/support inline audio, but opens audio files in a separate tab/window.

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