Nicosia 20090617

After a good night’s sleep, it was an easy 20-minute commute back to Heathrow Terminal 1 to check in for my Cyprus Airways flight. Took advantage of Wi-Fi facilities to catch up on email.

Many families with small (i.e. pre-school) children on board. After an hour’s wait on the tarmac, we take off. Pleasant enough flight, ignoring the child behind me kicking my seat. Watched films Marley & Me (third time) and Yes Man.

Impressed with just how hot it is in Cyprus. Okay, 30 degrees is less than 40 degrees, but it’s that much hotter when you’re wearing full-length trousers. Envious of those who’ve arrived for their holidays (mine’s an entirely work-related trip).

Make use of the Kapnos airport shuttle bus service to Nicosia. With a further taxi transfer, I arrive at my hotel, which is further outside the city centre than I thought. After a false start, I walked the 2km into town for a chicken dinner, washed down with a Keo draft beer.

On the way back, found an open internet cafe, which enabled me to do some last minute emails and work. (No Wi-Fi in my hotel!)

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