Mixmag: no midlife crisus for me


As you can readily see from reviewing my music tastes, I tend to favour pop/dance with a good beat and cheeky lyrics. I’m surprised it took me so long to discover Mixmag. I’m not into any DJ pretentious crap, but Mixmag’s editors provide solid reviews of bands and performers with a difference.

In the recent issue, for example, I discovered new tracks from Fagget Fairys: Copenhagen electro-lesbians MC Ena (Elena Carli Cosovic) and DJ-producer Carla Cammilla Hjort. With hints of Balkan sounds, it’s a sassier version of my favourite Bulgarian singer, Nina Nikolina. Fagget Fairys’ current hot track, “Feed The Horse”, is very cheeky (once you realise what they’re referring to).

The current issue also listed some of Peaches’ favourite tunes, which includes Ladyhawke’s “Paris is Burning” (“I like to sing along,” says Peaches.). This is a brilliant track, and I don’t know why this hasn’t hit the radiowaves yet.

I’m not a subscriber to Mixmag, yet, but I’m encouraged. The cover disc, for example, is a set by DJ Carl Cox, and includes his version of “Voodoo Ray”, a dance classic by A Guy Called Gerald.

I also appreciated the inside illustration by Graham Samuels, “Festival Species”, which is an apt portrayal of the various types of individuals one’s likely to find at summer music festivals. Hopefully I’m no “midlife crisus”.

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