A dog named Frankie

Met up with longtime friends for a Belfast meal out on Saturday night. We all noted how long it’d been since any of us had hit Belfast for an evening out, now consigned to living out of town. Italian meal at Scalini’s was good, nicely washed down with a bottle of Frascati.

Madame Oui and I delighted with the news of our friends now expecting a child. Early days, we toasted to everyone’s health. I said that I thought I noticed a certain glow; she replied, you mean my breasts are huge!

All the time I’m learning new “Ulster Pepperisms”, like “wind yer neck in”, etc. Tonight it was prompted by asking why our friends named their dog Frankie. “Frankie is a term for someone from Belfast.” More specifically, a description used by people outside Belfast, i.e. “I never understand what Frankies are saying.”

But why the word “Frankie”? Apparently, it stems from the days of ration books (or the like), when out of towners would have to come into Belfast to get them franked.

I say apparently, because I haven’t been able to verify this on the internet, and I don’t have any of John Pepper’s slang dictionaries handy. Answers on a postcard please.

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