Review: Must-See in Kyoto (Japan Travel Bureau)

20081231 Must See Kyoto cover
I discovered this Japan Travel Bureau pocket book series at a gift shop at Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavillon). There are 17 in the series, at about A5 and 1 cm in size. What I particularly admire about these books are the bounty of red and black ink illustrations. Must-See in Kyoto (978-4533005282) covers not only the major attractions of the city, but include cultural aspects, such as New Year celebrations, Kyoto-style cooking, local fairs and festivals, the making of Buddhist statues, Maiko (Kyoto version of Geisha), Ichimatsu dolls, and more. The book contains a glossary and index.

I found this book very useful during my stay in Kyoto, and highly recommend it to anyone as a visual guide to the major sites. Okay, it’s illustrations not photographs, but is chock full of good information. Best way of demonstrating this is through a typical page spread; have a look for yourself.

20081231 Must See Kyoto p14

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