Bordeaux 2008 XMAS

This year, the Beattie clan took planes and trains to join the Boueilh family in Bordeaux for Christmas. Madame Oui’s parents and us stayed in a family-style hotel complex just a few miles from the Boueilh home, and Jean-Charles was kind enough to put me on his car insurance so that I could serve as chauffeur.

We had a splendid time spending Christmas with the Boueilhs’. We enjoyed observing nephew Thomas’ daily activities, which now includes singing “la, la, la” repeatedly. Jacques and Nicole were wonderful hosts, and it was a gastronomical delight. Yes, the dutifully served escargo (which we still find an acquired taste); the oysters were delicious. As the French aren’t big eaters of turkey, I was expecting a goose or the like for Christmas Day, but violá, turkey and stuffing were produced. It all went down well with Jacques’ excellent selection of wines.


For our wedding anniversary, Madame Oui and I headed into Bordeaux town for a fine meal out. The d’Olivier restaurant was right outside the train station. Clean and modern, there was only one other table being served the whole evening. I washed my duck with cherry sauce down with a nice bottle of Grande Arche St Emillion (which we subsequently purchased more of at the local Carrefour hypermarket).

The weather was dry, which enabled frequent walks about with Thomas. I was set back with a nasty cold, but the time away was relaxing. Finally, I can recommend the first class service on the TGV high-speed train service: very comfortable!

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