Achilles Heel running shop


I was in the market for a windbreaker jacket, as it tends to be a bit rainy and windy over here, especially in the winter. Wanted something not fleecy or bulky; something I could use as an outer shell.

After much poking around the online shops, I discovered a Mizuno Performance Windbreaker Jacket, and at a good price (less than £50). What I particularly like about it is its light weight, high neck collar (it is supposed to be a windbreaker, after all), proper stitching (i.e doesn’t rub against any part of the body), the 2 front pockets, and the single back pocket. But the coup d’grace is the ingenious arm pocket for an iPod nano. It’s deep enough so that if you’ve got a Nike Plus attached, you can still easily get the top Velcro flap over to secure it all. Even better is a stitched hole to feed your headphone line through the inside of the jacket. I’ve seen this feature on other athletic jackets, but usually at a considerable price premium. I really like my new running jacket.


While I was at Achilles Heel, I threw in a Nike Running Pack, which contains a Dry-Fit hat and gloves, which themselves feature individual little key pockets. These hat and gloves would be fine for spring/autumn use, but I found wearing them on a (literally) freezing winter day to be cold at first, but ultimately kept me warm and dry, after about 1.5 miles into the run (which might be too long for regular winter use!).


Finally, for a laugh, I also got some Jelly Belly “Sports Beans”. I expected them to taste like Lucozade, and they kind of did, but on the wrong side of palatable. Yuck. Yes, I ate them after working out.

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