Reasons for not renewing (for now) ipernity Pro

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have decided not to renew my ipernity account (for now at least), namely because I have been waiting for a full year for the basic ability to sort my ipernity photo albums. I am surprised that this essential feature is still missing. I made several kind and patient requests for this over the past year.

Ipernity’s greatest benefit is the ability for users to upload and store all sorts of media. Combined with your blog facility, you provide a convenient integrated experience (no need to have photos at one service, and blogs and videos at other services).

However, the customer profile/home page needs attention. It is not sufficient to be able to change the background image and colours. I want to be able to add and delete modules.

Here, I think your competition is, or even more,

Webjam also offers domain mapping, which I applied to my online community site, Japan Society of Northern Ireland

At the least, with your new API functionality, I would need to have an easy way to use ipernity APIs and widgets for my Webjam pages. Unless, of course, ipernity is considering going down the road of offering modularity for its own customer’s profile pages.

I am likely to remain a non-Pro ipernity customer for the while.

Yours sincerely

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