McCain in Ohio

The International Herald Tribune today runs an article on US Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain, returning to campaign in Ohio (“McCain, in Ohio, tries to get back in race”).

McCain is wise to make the effort, but alas I think it’s too little, too late. For me, the tipping point in Ohio was the way McCain reacted to the financial crisis last month. If McCain would have been able to articulate a link between Wall Street and Main Street, as Obama succeeded in doing, then suffering Ohioans could be more sympathetic. As it is, they now identify with Obama as someone who understands and cares about them.

As I’ve declared, I see Ohio going for Obama, by a slim 100,000 votes. I’m surprised McCain is not spending more time in Florida. The polls show a dead heat there, and I think there’s richer pickings. I’m betting McCain wins Florida by the slimmest of margins (here we go again), but if McCain makes no appeal in Florida before election day, then it’ll likely slip away.

I cannot understand what McCain was doing in Pennsylvania. A lot of effort to reduce Obama’s 10-point lead by a couple of percentage points.

My result prediction here

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