Journal 20081015 Japan

We were down for breakfast right for the opening time of 7am. We were thankful for fried eggs and toast, instead of the Japanese option. I noticed a free internet access point in the hotel lobby, and confirmed that our KLM flight left Narita Terminal 1. I was chuffed that I was able to get free wi-fi access from our room, after 4 days incommunicado. There were 250 emails downloaded, including some timely work-related ones.

I was glad we allowed a little extra time to get to our Narita Express train, as Shinjuku station is large, and it was a long enough walk. We had to walk the entire length of the train to get to our Green Car, but the huge seats and extra leg room was well worth it. I apologised to Madame Oui that our flight would not be so spacious!

Checking in and security procedures at Narita are as efficient as I had come to expect them to be at a Japanese level of service, i.e. very. However, the connected shopping mall and duty free stores weren’t that great. Certainly not worth relying upon for last minute souvenirs. In fact, the offering was poor for an international airport.

During the 12-hour flight, I finished The Third Party (disappointed: the protagonist dies at the end, how original), updated this journal, and reviewed some of the 700+ photos I took of our most wonderful holiday.

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