Parents’ backing for joint faith schools

The Belfast Telegraph reported
on the results of a survey commissioned by NICIE, that 67% of
respondent parents support the development of “joint faith schools”.
The establishment of more singular faith schools is very topical in
England & Wales at the moment.

Well, at least “integrated education” in NI is getting renamed by
what it really represents: “joint faith schools”; the integrated
education sector in NI is not secular.

Furthermore, there is no real secular education in NI: religious/faith
education is incorporated into the formal curriculum. Efforts to remove
this in the 1930s was met by much hostility from both the state and
Catholic sectors, so it remained.

Ironically, in the Republic of Ireland (where the Catholic Church
administers the entire primary and much of the secondary school
system), religious/faith education is outside the curriculum. This
allows multi-faith schools to be more inclusive, now extending beyond
denominations of Christianity.

I don’t see either the demand nor possibility of a purely secular education system in NI (unfortunately).

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