Dinner with Barack

Instead of the usual $1,000 a plate fundraising dinner, Barack Obama is offering an intimate dinner for 6, where the guests are drawn from those small-time donors (like me!) who contribute to his campaign. He explains in a video:

Knowing it’s against the odds they’ll fly in an expat living in Ireland, I made a donation and submitted the following story about my support for the campaign:

I am doing my small part for post-conflict reconciliation, directing a nonprofit organization in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I have never left behind my values of fairness and optimism, checked by a Midwestern sensibility that you don’t make policies that you can’t deliver or introduce legislation that you can’t enforce.

Never before have I been so excited about the prospects of true American leadership for the world, embodied by the qualities of Barack Obama. It makes me proud to be a walking ambassador of our great nation.

This has been my first political campaign I’ve ever contributed to, and first primary election I’ve ever participated in — securing absentee ballots from 3,500 miles!

PS. I’d fly myself over for dinner!

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