Flickr contemplates video uploading

In response to the rumoured announcement that Flickr is
contemplating allowing video uploading in addition to its traditional
photo uploading, I wrote the following post on the MacUser forum:

Yeah, I’ve read through this debate on other forums before. I
sought a single place where I could integrate my blog, photos and
videos, and found one site that provided this: It was created in part due to copyright matters vis-a-vis Flickr and their German and French customers.

I have been a Pro member of Ipernity for several months now, and I
don’t see a degradation of community. Indeed, I’m quite impressed with
the quality of material uploaded.

Ipernity offers similar features to Flicker, e.g. Geo-tagging, etc.,
and the experience will be familiar. Ipernity also allows ordinary file

I lobbied successfully to have Ipernity allow backdating of blog
entries, which enabled me to transfer (manually) my blog from TypePad.

Its blogging features include ability to hide individual posts to yourself (private), as well as friends/family.

To me, I can’t believe that Yahoo haven’t figured out this trick of
having all their services integrated: Flickr (photos), Yahoo 360
(blog), and Jumpcut (video). I used my Yahoo account for all, but got
tired of waiting for integration.

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