Busy London weekend

Madame Oui and I flew out to London on Friday, for a busy day and a half of meetings with a new funder (you’ll still have to wait for the news). Very productive and worthwhile sessions. It was great to see Elizabeth for a pint at the House of Lords, as one does when in London. Wonderful to hear her and Oscar are very happy, and looking for a house together.

On Saturday afternoon, Madame Oui and I really enjoyed strolling along the South Bank. Had loose plans to go onto the London Eye, but it was closed for annual maintenance. Instead, it was mild enough for us to drink hot chocolate and lattes outdoors. It was easy to sit back and watch the world go by. Got a lovely photo of Westminster at dusk.

Today, we went to Megan’s (Madame Bavarde’s friend), for her birthday party. It was fun. I rode a 15-year-old pony, Fiddler, petted the dogs (Flynn, the Irish setter, is my favourite), and managed to unlock my car with a wire hanger (after leaving the keys inside). Lots of excitement all round.

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