Promoting Obama on BBC GMU

BBC radio programme Good Morning Ulster had me on this morning
(17/1/2008, c. 80 min. into programme), for a brief and friendly
interview on my support for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. I
said that I believed it would go to the wire, that the result after
“Super-Dooper Tuesday” may very well be no clear winner (Clinton and
Obama could split state victories).

I also said that regardless of which candidate, Republican or
Democrat, wins, he or she will maintain the new ‘status quo’ for
Northern Ireland, i.e. support the post-conflict process here.

I was also asked about Obama’s Irish ancestry, where I managed a
plug for my employer, the Ulster Historical Foundation, which does
professional genealogy research. My answer was, yes, he does, but it’s
from Co. Offaly, thus unfortunately not from the province of Ulster.

I tend to be called upon by BBC Northern Ireland every four years, so with luck you may hear my musings again.

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