Hillary Clinton needs better advice than Blumenthal

I watched an interesting and insightful episode of RTE: Prime Time
tonight. On show were Sidney Blumenthal, strategist for Hillary
Clinton, and Frank Luntz, communications specialist, both discussing
the candidates’ prospects tonight and beyond.

Blumenthal all but conceded NH to Obama (be mindful I’m writing this
before the results are known), and is looking to SC and beyond. He
defended Hillary’s changed tactics of going on the offensive against
Obama. Luntz pointed out that those surveyed found Clinton’s tearing
moment authentic, but her managing to take a swipe at Obama in the same
quavering voice to be exactly the stump style that puts people off her
apparent sincerity.

Blumenthal said Hillary will continue to go specific on attacking
Barack, one suspects on the premise that Obama’s shooting stardom will
fall. Well, that’s one option. The wrong one for her, me thinks.
Instead, Hillary should be playing her strengths of her encounters of
those they she has met, and what *they* want and expect of her, as a
person and as a President.

What makes this Democratic and Presidential campaign so different
than others is that so, so many voters are fed up with the expected
negativity and cyncism, they are going for a genuinely positive
campaign. Obama’s achievement, if nothing else, is that he has framed
the debate on his terms (something I was hoping but holding my breath
for). If Blumenthal thinks Clinton or anyone else is going to beat
Obama on the negative campaigns of years past, not this time! Hell,
even John McCain is quickly learning a trick or two form the Obama

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