Sync Blackberry memopad to the web?

Like others, I was trying to figure out how sync my notes on my Blackberry Curve 8310 to an online service, and OTA (over the air).

I use Google Sync for my Blackberry contacts and calendar events (which syncs with Google Contacts and Google Calendar).

Google Sync does not cover any notes or task items. These feature are sorely missing and desired by many in the Google user community.

For task list, there is Remember the Milk application, albeit with a $25 annual fee (

My best solution is to use Upvise ( I set up a free personal account, then from my mobile install their mobile app.

Then, use their Notebooks feature. For the first go, I had to cut-and-past my Blackberry MemoPad notes onto my Upvise webpage. But thereafter, my Upvise Notebooks on my mobile and Upvise web account are always in synch. Nice bonus is that your Upvise Notebooks remain available to access and edit, even if you mobile service is off/out-of-range.

The Upvise Wikipedia search and display feature is impressive. The text-only interface makes for speedy retrieval, which is appreciated for non 3G contracts.

Upvise RSS Reader also has a nice, clean display and organsation of feeds. Would benefit easier method of adding new feeds, e.g. from the Upvise Google Toolbar button. I would also like some way of marking read/unread postings.

Upvise Contacts works, but has some shortcomings. First, limited field categories (only one address, one email). Second, does not sync with mobile native contact app. Without this or any support to sync with other contact managers (e.g. Google Contacts), I have little incentive to port my 3,000+ contacts over to Upvise.

Upvise are working on a Task List feature, which would then negate the need for Remember the Milk. For me, I don’t keep track of completed tasks, so I just enter and delete tasks using the native Blackberry app.

But overall, considering it’s free, Upvise offers a clever solution to at least one of my mobile problems (syncing of notes), and I like their OTA approach (cloud computing). I wish them well, and hope they can convince me to use their Contacts app.

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