Instant access to everything

Kevin Myers (Belfast Telegraph) clearly sees the glass has
half-empty, when it comes to the iPhone and new technology. It is true
that some people use the internet to build up virtual communities of
people they’ve never met, or worse, a completely fictional universe.

However, an alternative use is to keep in touch with friends and
family. For example, I exploit the ‘instant access to everything’ to
discover cousins and other relations, who I would have never got to
know otherwise.

I do agree with Myers that acquired knowledge is what shapes us into
individual human beings and communities. But I don’t believe that the
internet will necessarily homogenise the human race.

I’ll take first-hand experience over a virtual reality any day.

But just as there was the pony express, telegram, telephone and now
all-access mobile, why not use the technology to strengthen the
communities we belong to? It’s all in how you use the technology, just
as before.

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