Your roots: Your story (Belfast Magazine)

Each family has their own story to tell a treasure trove of
memories, a unique past. Many people simply do not know where to start
or can even appreciate the depth of material that is available.

Following the great success of BBC’s family history programme Who Do You Think You Are?,
an increasing number of people have begun to ask questions about how to
trace their own family history. A curiosity has arisen as to how to
uncover that elusive past. In response to this demand, Ulster
Historical Foundation has set up a series of short workshops. These
workshops seek to help you discover your history, your family, your
community, your world.

For over 50 years Ulster Historical Foundation has been helping
people from around the world trace their family history. These classes
will take place over a 3-week period in various locations throughout
your local community. In conjunction with Belfast Public Libraries and
local community centres, members of Ulster Historical Foundation will
be on hand to offer free, impartial and expert advice on getting

Specifically designed for beginners, these classes require no
previous experience of research. If you want to attend please bring
along whatever information you have, and for those who have never even
considered the possibility we can help get you started.

Who are the workshops for?

Everyone. If you wish to discover more about your family’s past and the community you live in, these workshops are for you.

Many people are interested in finding out more about the communities
they come from or the history of their families. However, often they do
not know where to start. Ulster Historical Foundation encourages people
to take the first steps in research.

Researching family history in Northern Ireland is not difficult;
however, it is different. A little encouragement or instruction can
point you in the right direction and open up a world of possibilities.

These workshops are completely free of charge and course materials
will be supplied, including the booklet ‘Tracing Your Belfast
Ancestors’. This will primariily be an introduction to studying your
family history; including useful information and contact details for
organisations based in Belfast.

Everyone is welcome, so please come along and explore the mysteries
of your family history. A new series of workshops will begin again in

Information on all future events, dates and locations can be
obtained from: Ulster Historical Foundation, Cotton Court, 30 Waring
Street, Belfast, BT1 2ED, etc.

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