Berlin 20071020

It was good to sleep in. We still managed to get breakfast before the service ended at 10.00am, by throwing some clothes on. After sustenance we returned to bed for a kip.

It was another bright and sunny morning, and we were determined to make the most of it. We strolled down first to give the Holocaust memorial at Brandenberg Gate another look, before getting to the exhibition of the Buddy Bears, which Madame Oui just loved. After inspecting over 100 of these one-metre, painted fiberglass bears, we sat and enjoyed a little picnic. It was one of Madame Oui’s highlights of the holiday.

We continued to Alexanderplatz to view the tv tower and purchase some Fat Tire Bike Tour t-shirts. We made a leisurely stroll through the park behind, taking in the city hall and resting in front of the fountain.

Unfortunately the sun was disappearing behind clouds, which was a cue to move onto our next destination, the Berlin Dome church. That was disappointingly closed, but we got a couple of souviners for Pops.

After a fun, short visit to the Ampleman Shop, we retreated to a coffee shop on the main street, with a fantastic view of the tv tower and courtyard. We were also entertained by the cheeky sparrows inside the shop, one which was eating the seeds off loafs of bread!

There was no time to pay the DDR Museum a proper visit, but I ran in and got an exhibition book, which was actually a good and easy read.

We had a delicious steak meal at a restaurant near our hotel, then met Madame Oui’s friend Brigitte at Alexanderplatz. I brought my tripod and enjoyed taking nighttime photos of the tv tower, which was lit up in multiple colours as part of the Festival of Lights show.

All three of us went to Wilheln Church, for another photo and an enjoyable ice cream and tea at the Movenpick, with a fantastic view of the Church.

Brigitte then proceeded to walk the legs off us, as we made our way back from Potsdamer Platz to our hotel. Madame Oui really liked seeing Brendenberg Gate lit up. Brigitte liked seeing our hotel lit up with various images of the artwork inside.

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