Ulster’s self-flagellation

Ben Hopkins from New South Wales presents a cynical view of Ulster’s
pride, in an editorial piece in last Friday’s Belfast Telegraph (“The
secret of Ulster’s greatness lies with self-flagellation”, 5 October

What other nation or people admires and/or worships role models such as:

  • A loss of 1,503 people in a shipping disaster: the Titanic
  • 2,000 soldiers losing their lives on one day: the Somme
  • The naming of an airport in honour of a rake and an alcoholic: George Best
  • Appoints Ministers of the Crown who were terrorists
  • Gives preference for Government jobs on the basis of religion or ethnic origin, not merit
  • Well, the first two were clear tragedies at least worthy of
    remembrance. George Best had his sins, but was at least our sinner. And
    in a society of deep conflict, it was perhaps inevitable that
    terrorist/freedom fighters would find their way into Government
    (Northern Ireland easily not the first democracy this has happened).

    But to Mr Hopkin’s credit, he’s on to something with his last point!

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