Palm email desktop sync

It took me far too much time to discover only one way to have a
desktop only (versus wireless) synchronisation of email between my
computer and Palm Treo 650.

The challenge is that the Treo 650 comes installed with Versamail,
which is fine for wireless email message sending and receiving, but I’m
not on a luxury data plan with my mobile carrier. Most of the potential
solutions are stymied because you cannot replace Versamail with any
other email client on the Treo 650.

In short, the only Palm programme to effortlessly sync my Outlook email Inbox and Outbox with my Treo 650 was DataViz’s Inbox To Go

, which is part of its Beyond Contacts package (alas not available separately).

In my pursuit, I downloaded, tried and evalutated several attempted solutions:

1) Beyond Contacts

The email sync works flawlessly on the Treo 650, because it is actually
a separate programme. The only reason I don’t use Beyond Contacts
completely is because I do not like the interface of its Contacts,
Calendar, Notes and Tasks — too cluttery and difficult to get to
desired info quickly. For example, in Tasks I have to drill down a
second tab and scroll to view/change the Category.

2) Agendus Mail

In theory, this should have worked and could have been an ideal,
overall PIM solution. However, I failed to get Agendus Mail to download
or upload any email message to Outlook. I could find no mention of any
incompatability on Agendus Mail’s support pages or anywhere else on the

3) Intellisync

This was another theoretical solution. Although its mail sync knowingly
isn’t compatible if VersaMail is the defaul mail client on the Palm
handheld, Intellisync provides a link to replace VersaMail with a
standard Palm mail client. Unfortunately, my download and install
effort failed to remove VersaMail, so I had to abandon this pursuit. In
regards to the rest of the package, I liked it least because all
Intellisync really does is synchronise Outlook with Palm Desktop, then
present you the updated Palm Desktop records on your handheld, with all
of Palm Desktop’s shortcomings (no multiple categories, etc.).

4) KeySuite

Excellent Outlook to Palm handheld synchronisation software.
Unfortunately, Chapura does not offer any email synchronisation of any
kind. Thus my foray for a solution. I have to say that ultimately I am
still using KeySuite, alongside Inbox To Go (with the rest of Beyond
Contacts features disabled).

5) OneMail

I was hopeful, until after my first sync the programme recognised that
I had Versamail installed, and told me to install that version of
OneMail. As VersaMail is wireless only, this defeats the purpose.

6) Mark/Space Mail

Only for wireless email messaging.

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