Barcelona 20061029

Still couldn’t get up early, even with the clocks going back an hour last night. Made it Parc Guiel for 10 o’clock, and it was already pretty busy. One had to hustle for a quick snap of the landmark lizard.

I enjoyed the Sunday morning strolling about the park. Wonderful ceramic mosiacs by the master Gaudi. I also enjoyed the Gaudi Museum, where I bought a replica lizard for our coffee table.

After a couple of hours, I headed back into town. I made a quick decision to go to the Museum of Catalan Music. I’m glad I did, as I got to hear some traditional singing, just inside the hall.

I returned to the hotel. My time as a tourist had come to an end, and my reason for being here began.

We got coach transfered to the rally. It was huge! About 5,000 people. Very American style, except for the three, 30-minute each speeches. I took plenty of photos and videos.

Afterwards, some of us tried to go on a pub crawl, but it being Sunday, it wasn’t to be. Retired relatively early at 1.00am. Another jam-packed day.

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