Portugal 20060905

I have figured out how to stay cool in our apartment: have both cool fans on in the bedroom at max power for the max time (120 minutes). When they wake me by switching off, I get up and reset them for another 2 hours. I told Madame Oui it was like getting up to feed a baby.

We took a day bus tour to Lisbon today. Bus collection at 6.40am, an early start. Arrived several hours later. The tour guide reminded me of Grandpa L., with a similar quirky sense of humour.

Straight away we stopped at the primary sites: the Tower of Bebel, the (navigator museum) and St Jeremino. Next was the city centre, Rosarrio.

We followed the guide to his recommended restaurant. Pops and I had grilled groupe, which I was surprised to see on the menu. While the food was good and we enjoyed the house wine, we were charged for the bread, cheese and butter provided at arrival (but not asked for), so we left a small tip.

Afterward, we only had time to find the tram 12, which would take up and around the (castle). No time to get off and wander, but the tram ride itself, up very steep hills, was enjoyable.

The 3-hour free time quickly came to an end. With a couple of hours more, we could have done a bit of shopping. All the same, I think the trip was worth it, just to get an idea of what Lisbon is about.

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