Donegal 20060820

Had another good fry breakfast and left the White Sands B&B at about 11.00am.

First stop was the Five Fingers Strand with supposedly Europe’s highest sand dunes. I don’t think so, as I’ve been at the dunes near Arcachon, France, which are several hundred feet high, not 50-100. All the same, the beach and scenery was spectacular. We went on a long, pleasant walk. I did my best to take some photos to capture the scale.

Highlights at the beach were some young travellers who spent the night camping. Another was a group of runners, being closely followed by their dogs.

We also inspected a nearby church, before heading onto to Carndonagh, where we only stopped to inspect an ancient cross. It was worth stopping for.

We drove past Ballyliffin to take the scenic route to Buncrana, via the ‘100 Inis Eoghin’, which circumnavigates the Inishowan peninsula. We haphazardly made our way to Mohan’s Gap, which Madame Oui wasn’t thrilled about ascending (she not liking precipices). I was more worried about our relatively underpowered car overheating, but we pulled over and stopped a few times to let ‘Ol Blue Eyes cool down.

From the other side it was a picturesque drive along Lough Swilly to Buncrana, where we were disappointed that just about everything but the pubs were closed on a Sunday afternoon, in what I understood to be a Catholic town. We weren’t going to find the particular shop that made jewellery from precious stones from the raised beach at Bamba’s Crown, which we had justvdiscovered for ourselves on our trek yesterday.

Somewhat disappointed, we sought solace in an open cafe, with tea and scones. By the time we were finished, it finally stopped raining today, and we decided to make a run for the nearby beach. There we took another pleasant stroll, where we were the attraction of several dogs.

Back on the road, we took the scenic route back to Derry by going across to Muff, where I filled the car up with less expensive petrol and we took the obligatory photo in front of Muff post office. We carried on to Derry, where we had a light pasta dinner before resuming the long journey back to Belfast.

Although we were only away for just under three days, it has felt like longer. I believe that we made the most of it. I have also grown an affection with Inishowan and Mallin Head. I think we will certainly return.

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