Donegal 20060819

Slept in and had what is a relatively late breakfast at 9.00am: a good fry. Today’s big excursion was to walk the majority of Mallin Head.

We parked the car at Seaview Tavern, and bought a couple of sandwiches for later.

The first part of the journey were steps down to the nearby beach. Only after we started walking down them did we realise that this was where a lad sadly fell and died just last week. There were several bouquets of flowers at a particular spot.

We walked along the first sandy beach, then followed a trial to get to the second one, which was populated by a few dozen trailer homes. It took us a while to find the steps to get out onto the road.

Next sight was the Curiosity Shop. Frankly, it was just full of random trinkets and junk. More interesting was the unusual sight of some cows on a sandy beach nearby.

We followed a path to another beach, called a ‘raised beach’ because it was formed by the receding Ice Age. Loads of round stones and pepples. We nicknamed it ‘Firecracker Beach’ because of the sound the receding waves make.

We took a break at the end of the beach, at some beautiful sandstone rocks. It then took us a couple of minutes to find the resuming path, which led us up to Banba’s Crown.

There, at Ireland’s most northerly point, we took our lunch. Now it was very sunny and I was down to my t-shirt. We enjoyed our leisurely lunch.

We took the path to Hell’s Hole, and soon got disoriented. We found our way, but were starting to get tired. We decided not to take the planned trek through some woods, but to just head back. At least it was scenic. I got some nice photos of some traditional thatched cottages.

Got back to the car and back to our B&B. Mary promptly offered us a pot of tea and fresh scones. What a welcome back!

Knackered, we took a late afternoon nap before heading out to dinner at the Strand Hotel in Ballyliffin.

We had seafood for our meals. I have to say it was some of the best I’ve ever had: very fresh and excellently cooked. Madame Oui’s scampi had a light and delicious batter, and my baked cod was so tender, not fishy or greasy that it can be. It all washed down well with a bottle of Frascati.

When we were on the main drive near the B&B, I played the headlights off game again, except tonight the cloud was heavy and there was no reflecting light. Driving with no lights was even more scary and amusing than last night!

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