Donegal 20060818

After getting a week’s worth of dishes done and other house chores, we set out for Donegal in the early afternoon. We drove straight through until Movile, where we stopped for a cup of tea.

We arrived at the White Strand B&B at about 5.00pm. The proprietor, Mary Houghton, warmly welcomed us with a pot of tea. She is a very kind woman.

After a rest, we drove up to the vantage point. The sunset was spectacular. There were two Italian blokes on motobikes who pulled in after us. I thought about the journey they’ve made, from the most southerly part of Europe to the most northerly in Ireland.
We then rushed over to the Seaview Tavern for our dinner, before last orders at 9.00pm. The food was good, but the ambiance was uninspiring.

On our way back to the B&B, I played around by turning off the headlights while driving. It was good to get back. It was a good day.

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