Death of handwriting (Guardian)

Stuart Jeffries of the Guardian ponders the “Death of handwriting”, on the day when our signatures are no longer required to validate card transactions.

I’ve always thought legible handwriting was a mark of being civilised,
but alas, this is surely no longer the case. There are distinctive
differences between American, British and French handwriting. I know
nothing of the French style, but American handwriting is proper
cursive, while British handwriting is ‘joined-up’ individual letters,
which I don’t understand. I can read words of individually written up
letters, and cursive words with an unbroken line, but ‘joined up’ just
looks garbled up to me. I can attest to the demise of handwriting.

When I tutored a politics course at Queen’s, 10 years ago, you couldn’t
oblige the students to typewrite their essays. I couldn’t even read
half of the ‘joined-up’ scripts I received. Now, students are obliged
to present typewritten essays. This appears to be the answer to poorly
taught/learned handwriting. But I maintain that having legible
handwriting separates us from the monkeys. Our opposable thumbs have
more use than hitting the keypad space bar!

Though I must reply to Mr Jeffries and ask him his opinion of computer fonts that are custom created for your own handwriting

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