New Year’s Eve 2005

For New Year’s Eve, we went to Skye Bar. We bought tickets for the VIP Lounge Room, which would guarantee us seats and bar service. We glammed ourselves up, and we glad to be going out for the evening. We were disappointed that so many of our friends we just staying in, without having any get together.

The music being played at Skye Bar was all urban, hip-hop and rap. There was supposed to be more regular 1980s and 90s dance tunes downstairs, but that never materialised. I think I listened to enough rap music tonight to last me the year.

We never got up to dance on the dance floor, because we couldn’t see how you could properly dance to modern rap music. We both agreed that there’s no rhythm or melody to it. How can you dance to music without rhythm? Madame Oui’s comment was that much of it sounded like someone chanting.

We enjoyed ourselves all the same. Got a bottle of champagne that we happily consumed after the new year was rung in. The best video of the night that I saw on the screen in the room was live images from the fireworks in London, at the London Eye. Pretty spectacular.

We stayed until 2.00, just as Skye Bar closed and were kicking everyone out. I miraculously hailed down a black taxi to get us back to Beechgrove Crescent. The driver was an angry jerk (he misunderstood my instructions). We paid him his demanded double fare and wished him — somewhat sarcastically — a happy new year.

I managed to wake up extra late on New Year’s Day, at 1.00 pm, sans hangover. Madame Oui wasn’t so fortunate — her head was sore. But we had enjoyed ourselves all the same.

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